Léon Moffat


Hi! My name is Léon Moffat and I am a French student. During the past two years, I've tried out many domains. Always in the search of new experiences and to broaden my mind to new disciplines. I've tried out audiovisual, web-design, front-end development but also SEO and web marketing.

mockups des sitees réalisés par Léon Moffat

My Websites

During my studies, I've worked on different web sites. I took on the marketing and front-end development side of these projets. Each time, I was also granted the responsibility to lead my team. Here are two web sites I've worked on.

Communication Projects

I specialized in communication. My team and I, have worked on the image of Jura wines at France's scale, and on my college's presence on line. During the course of these projets, I have analyzed the market, determined our targets, prepared communication plans, editorial lines … Here are the details case by case.

Other Projets

During and out of class, I have produced a few projets to strengthen my skills and my capacity to work under constraints. College presentation video, audio story produced under 24h or web site made in 8h, here are a few of my creations.